Innovative Solar Inc Florida – The Most Reliable Solar Company In Florida

Innovative solar inc is a premium solar company in Florida, leading Florida residents to a transformation into a clean energy economy.

Who We Are

Founded In 1993 by two brothers, Jerry Taracek and John Taracek, fully established in 1981, Innovative Solar Inc is one of the leading providers of solar companies in Tampa, FL.

When it comes to ground-mount solar installation, solar pool pumps, solar roof reinstallation, solar attics fans, and solar hot water, in Florida, as the best solar company in Tampa, Innovative Solar have you covered every step of the way, including solar residential PV Cells.

As the leading solar company in Tampa, we help Tampa residents leverage the tax available to all Florida homeowners who have taken the bold step to switch to solar electricity.

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Making A Difference

Most of our clients choose solar because it helps with energy bills. Our founders at Innovative solar inc in Tampa realized this long-term saving benefit a long time ago, and the environmental benefits are another reason to go with solar. That being said, they decided to work and focus on energy management.

The minimum standard of the residential solar system equals about 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide in twenty years, equivalent to driving a car for 100,000 miles. The earth will inevitably run out of oil, coal, and natural gas if this happens. Solar energy is purifying the earth and also sustaining our country’s resources.

Our customers are making a difference every day with Innovative Solar!

A Solar Company Within Your Reach, You Can Trust!-

We believe in the services and products we offer our clients. Our services and products are well installed and built to last our customers a lifetime. We offer the strongest warranty and guarantees to all Innovative Solar clients as a credible and reliable solar panel company. We are willing to stand behind all products for the foreseeable future.

Our Vision

At Innovative solar Inc, we believe that solar is not just the future but also the present. Our vision is to represent a new energy source now and over the next decades.

Reliable Well Trained Professionals

Our staff at Innovative Solar are well-trained professionals passionate about their jobs. We are always ready to take up whatever solar challenges you might have encountered and provide you with the best solution to make utilizing solar energy a seamless and easy experience.

Top-Notch Customer Services

As the best solar company in Tampa, we are obsessed with offering outstanding customer service from beginning to end. We strive to make all our services for Tampa, FL residents a perfect one. Make the right investment with the right solar company in Florida today!