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Solar energy is an affordable, reliable, and renewable energy source that solar companies in Citrus County recommend and install. At Innovate Solar Inc., we work with a team of experts ready to transform your energy use in your home.

As one of the best solar companies in Citrus County, we offer excellent services.

Our Services In Citrus County:

Detaching And Resetting Solar Panels

Most solar companies in Citrus County install solar panels on the roof. If you need a roof replacement or roof repair, you will need to have the solar panels removed and reset after the repair or replacement.

We provide the best detach and reset services, whereby we work with your roofing contractor to know when we can detach and reset the solar panels. We also work with insurance companies when needed to give you an easy time with funding.

We Give You A Solar Powered Home

As one of the trusted solar companies in Citrus County, we provide solar power options for Citrus County residents. Our options help power your home through a reliable and efficient energy source depending on your preferences and resources.

You can choose how we install your solar panels; on your roof (roof mount solar panels) or on the ground (ground mount solar panels)

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Roof Mount Solar Panels

Are you looking to get a “roof mount solar installation near me”? We are the guys for that! We provide solar services to power your home. Our specialists assess your roof, how much weight it can bear, and its age to determine whether or not it is a good fit for an installation.

If you have no space to spare and would like to utilize the roof space for solar panel installation, search for “roof mount solar installation near me” and find us!

Ground Mount Solar Panels

Is the roof not suitable for a roof mount solar installation? Don’t worry; search for “ground mount installation near me” and let us install solar energy in your free space. Ground mount solar panels are perfect if you have free land to set up the solar panels.

Why Go Solar?-

Save Money

Imagine cutting your electrical bills in half, or better yet, to zero! Solar energy is natural, and the only cost you incur is the installation cost. If you work with us, one of the trusted solar companies in Citrus County, it will be worth every penny!

Since solar energy is from the sun, which comes free to everyone, solar panels help harness enough energy to sustain your home at no cost!

Reliable Energy

As long as the sun shines, you can be sure to have energy; enough to power your home.

Our experts at Innovate Solar Inc., being the best among solar companies in Citrus County, assess your home and your energy needs and ensure that they install enough panels to power your home.

Work With The Best Solar Companies In Citrus County!

Are you looking for a ground or “roof mount solar installation near me”? We give the best services bringing a new wave of energy to your home. Call us today!