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Are you a Hillsborough resident looking to work with the best solar companies in Hillsborough County? We are here to help, ensuring you have an easy transition to solar energy.

If you hadn’t considered solar energy as a Hillsborough County resident, now is the time to do so. At Innovate Solar Inc., we’ve got you covered.

Solar Power Options For Hillsborough County Residents

County Backing

Hillsborough County is offering backing to help promote and increase solar energy through a non-profit group, Solar United Neighbors (SUN). Working with and through the non-profit allows you to work with the best solar companies in Hillsborough County at a great price.

With the non-profit, you are assured of getting discounts on installation costs since you work as a group. You work collectively, whereby as residents, you get together to increase the bargaining power.

Assured Quality

SUN also helps vet the various contractors and solar companies in Hillsborough County to ensure that you work with the best and most trustworthy experts with valid licenses and authorization.

The SUN staffers and co-op members check through solar companies’ references and reputations to ensure that you get solar panels that are top-notch and durable, giving you reliable solar power for your home.

You also work with companies with wonderful warranties covering repairs and resets.

Great Discounts!

Every purchase you make under the SUN is discounted! Since the solar companies in Hillsborough County place bids on the solar installation project for the SUN co-op members, they offer great discounts.

On top of the discounts, the bidding process facilitated by SUN allows you to get the best deal with the lowest solar installation costs, warranties, and terms.

What Are The Solar Power Options For Hillsborough County Residents?

Solar companies in Hillsborough County offer several solar power options to ensure that you have convenient solar energy for you. You can opt for roof-mounted solar panels, or ground-mounted solar panels, which provide reliable solar energy.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Solar companies in Hillsborough County install roof solar panels on stable roofs with the right slope positioning.
You can get a solar roof installation near me and start enjoying solar energy right away, by searching for “roof mount solar installation near me”, reducing your electricity costs.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

With SUN, if you have bare ground with the right hold, search for “ground mount solar installation near me”. This mount is suitable for someone with an old roof and has a large piece of land they are not using.

With a ground-mounted solar system, you do not have to worry about roof repairs and replacement and any expansions you may want to make to your home.

Why Solar Energy?-

  • Solar energy helps reduce energy costs in your home
  • You get tax incentives from the government on the installation cost
  • You get free house insulation, keeping your home at the perfect temperature


Work With Us!

Thanks to SUN, Hillsborough County residents are privileged to choose between ground mount and roof mount solar installation with the best solar companies in Hillsborough County. Contact us today for the best solar installation in Hillsborough!