Solar energy is energy harnessed from the sun. But how does it end up lighting homes and heating water and pools? Take a look at some explanations that answer this question: ‘How does a PV cell (solar panel) create electricity?’ 


What Are PV Cells?

First things first, when you decide to go solar, you call your trusted solar panel installers in Hillsborough County to install solar panels to create solar energy. A solar panel comprises many photovoltaic cells responsible for absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable electricity.

Solar panels can generate electricity and heat for homes or bigger premises like businesses and industries.


How Does PV Cell (Solar Panel) Create Electricity?

The science behind how solar panels generate energy lies within their material and structure. They are made of a glass casing, with a metal frame holding the silicon panels.

Solar panels generate direct current electricity when photons (a component of sunlight used in solar energy) hit the silicon layer at the top side of the panel.

Once the light hits the silicon panels, it disintegrates their atoms, creating free electrons. These form electricity, used in households after the inverter in the panels converts the direct current electricity to alternating current to be used in sockets to power electronic gadgets.


Solar PV Panels And Solar Thermal Panels: What’s The Difference?

Top solar companies in Polk County will install solar panels for your home, depending on your needs. Solar energy can be used in two ways: for electricity and heating. It takes different panels to generate electricity and heat energy.

PV cell panels produce electricity, which can be used for lighting and to power electronics through sockets on the wall, while thermal panels produce energy used for heating, mainly water.

To make the most of solar energy in your household, ensure that your solar panel installers in Hillsborough County install enough PV and thermal panels per your household’s energy usage and needs.


Where Can You Mount Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are installed on roofs, preferably slanting roofing, to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

If you have a free farm or your roof space is not enough, you can install bigger ground-mounted solar panels, whereby top solar companies in Polk County mount the panels on a larger surface, where sunlight hits them directly.

This is suitable for large-scale solar energy production for businesses and industries.


What Makes Solar Energy Clean Energy?

One of the reasons why solar energy is referred to as clean energy is because it contains lots of recycled products. The carbon footprint level, considered bad for the environment, is significantly small in solar panels and lasts a long time (approximately 25 years).

Additionally, it is renewable and does not produce harmful greenhouse gases that are considered pollutants. In fact, it is equated to planting a hundred trees annually, which is a great thing for the Earth.


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