RESU10H Prime battery

The RESU10H PRIME, A Solar Panel Battery Perfect For Your Home

Businesses and homeowners are looking for reliable, inexpensive energy sources for their day-to-day activities and helping their businesses function even when there is a power outage.

Solar panel batteries are becoming popular. Many people are turning to the latest solar battery technology, the RESU10H PRIME battery. The new generation of home battery storage provides energy and backup for home powers.

The LG RESU latest generation 3 series RESU10H PRIME has our stamp of approval. The RESU10H PRIME is a 9.7 kWh, 400v energy storage solution well designed to retrieve energy from PV solar and utility grids.

This solar battery will keep all your appliances functioning in any situation of an electricity blackout and also keep your electricity bill to a minimum percentage.

Innovative solar is the only installer in Florida that can offer you a rooftop solar cutting edge technology. We understand that the LG energy solution battery is the best solar panel battery compatible with any household solar system. They charge and discharge directly from storage-ready solar inverters.

We at innovative solar have installed this solar panel battery in so many homes in Florida, (here is how the RESU10H PRIME battery help provides you with electricity in your home)

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RESU10H Prime

Part of the latest generation 3 series in the LG RESU line-up. The RESU10H Prime is a 9.6 kWh, 400V energy storage solution compactly designed to store and provide energy from your PV solar panels and utility grid. Providing on-demand energy supply, this battery unit will be there for you to keep your appliances running in the event of a blackout and keep the costs of your electricity bills to a minimum. The RESU10H Prime is a perfect choice for homeowners or businesses looking to become energy self-reliant, in a new and modular design, the battery can be easily expanded to a capacity of 19.2 kWh to meet your daily energy needs.


Total Energy (kWh) 9.6
 Useable Energy (kWh) 9.6
 Weight (kg) 111
 Dimensions (mm) 504 x 817 x 295
Communication CAN & RS485
Enclosure Protection Rating IP55


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How does RESU10H PRIME Work?

The RESU10H PRIME works well with a solar panel, particularly when your utility has ceased or net metering is decreased, implemented time-of-use rates, or imposed demand charges on residential electricity customers.

Installing a home battery storage solution like the RESU10H PRIME in conjunction with a solar energy system lets you keep a consistent power supply at all times, during the day and night, as long as there is sufficient conserved energy from your solar panels.

The RESU10H PRIME, like many other home battery storage devices, is designed to be linked with a solar panel system and is sized for day-to-day use at your home. When your solar system panels generate extra electricity that you can use in your home, you can store it in your battery system instead of sending it back into the grid.

Then when your solar panels are not producing enough electricity to satisfy your home’s needs, you can use the energy stored in your battery rather than purchasing it from your utility provider later.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Incorporating RESU10H PRIME Home Battery Storage

A Battery Suitable For Everyone

This solar battery works with all solar panel systems, allowing you to have a consistent power supply every day, as long as you have stored enough energy from your solar panel’s battery when the sun is shining.

Instead of the RESU10H Prime sending energy back to the grid, it stores the solar energy, allowing you to use it when you need it. As a result, you will be able to rely less on the grid and pay less for the energy you use daily.

The Size And Safety

The RESU10H PRIME size is ideal for all of our clients. It’s small, simple to set up, and it receives excellent grades for safety within homes.

Advanced Technology

RESU10H PRIME battery has a maximum power rating of 5 kW per 9.3 kWh of usable capacity, according to the specifications.
While it’s a lithium-ion storage option, it’s also worth noting that it’s a lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) battery.

NMCs have a high energy density, which means they can store a lot of energy for the amount of space they take up, and they’re also safer.

Add Capabilities As You Go

Because it’s modular, you can start with one RESU Prime battery and expand your storage capacity as your demands and finances change.

The Guarantee

The RESU Prime warranty is for ten years or 22.4 MWh of energy throughput, with a guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity of 60% and a throughput warranty of 22.4 MWh (MWh).

With simple care, you may anticipate your battery to last at least ten years, if not longer.

Products that can be trusted

Innovative solar stands with this product, and the LG RESU10H Prime ticks all of our client’s checklists in terms of cost, dependability, longevity, suitable for their energy needs.

See how solar battery storage can boost your solar energy system while keeping the power in your control. With our tried-and-true solutions, you can become energy independent.

Why Choose Innovative Solar, Florida

We understand that solar energy is the most natural source of generating electricity. It is not only environmentally friendly but also renewable.
Solar energy requires a low-maintenance process. After installing solar battery panels in your home and operating at peak efficiency, it is essential to employ relatively minor maintenance to keep them operational. That is why our team of professionals comes in.
The solar panel battery is a silent energy producer, they convert sunlight into useful electricity and generate no noise. Solar panel technology is always improving, resulting in higher efficiency. Solar panels emit no pollution.

You can start saving money on your energy costs, raise the value of your property, and reduce your carbon footprint. We are just one phone call away. Our team of highly trained professionals at innovative solar FL will handle all your solar energy needs.

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