Solar power is all the rage nowadays! Not only does it reduce your energy costs, but you can use it on practically anything, including heating your pool! How cool is that?

Most people think that solar power can only be produced in summer because of the sun, which actually makes sense, but this is not necessarily true. You can still produce a lot of solar energy in winter and autumn.

In fact, the best time for solar energy is during winter because solar panels do not produce excess energy. They produce exactly what is needed. There is therefore no wastage or loss.

Additionally, a solar roof installation in Hillsborough County does not really require heat but rather light to produce electricity, which is still received in Winter. The shorter and chillier days experienced in autumn and winter allow solar systems to perform better and produce energy at an optimal level.

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Some of the benefits of installing solar panels in Autumn include:


Quick Installation

A ground mounts residential West Central Florida solar installation can actually work great in Autumn because these are the less ‘busy’ months. Most people usually wait for summer to install their solar panels, so with an early installation in Autumn, you receive quick services with minimal delays.

Most solar companies in the Tampa Bay area will also have the solar panels installed with the lowest solar installation costs, as the market is practically at a standstill. Additionally, you will be able to start saving on power and electric bills much sooner than most who wait till summer.


Use and Generate Electricity In Winter

Most solar installers in West Central Florida will recommend the Autumn and Winter months, as these months require a lot of heating due to the low temperatures.

Installing your solar panels during this time will help reduce your energy costs by using the solar energy to heat your home and operate other appliances, which then reduces your hefty winter electric bills.


Generate Excess Energy

Despite the cool temperature of autumn, the best solar installation companies will tell you that the sun still shines even in winter, and it is bright enough to generate enough power for your home and then some.

Any excess electricity generated is sent back to the utility grid allowing you to gain credits that can be used to reduce your electricity bills in the future. Having a solar roof installation in Hillsborough County in autumn will actually give you extra energy.


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