Solar installation is growing at a fast pace. All thanks to the sun, a sustainable and renewable energy source. With the reduced cost of using solar and higher grid rates, it’s not surprising that there is a global demand for solar solutions.

Are you looking to install solar panels in your home? Innovative Solar has a network of reliable installers with years of experience resetting and removing solar panels, solar metal roof installation, etc. Let’s consider some of the benefits of residential solar panel installation.


5 Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Installation

Below are the reasons to install solar panels in your home. They are also the main benefits of solar energy.

Cost-efficient: Going solar helps you save costs on utility bills and energy. Furthermore, you’re eligible for rebates and incentives when you install solar panels.

Reduces air pollution: The electricity produced by solar panels reduces air pollution by generating clean energy for environmental benefits.

Increased home value: Solar panels increase property value by 4.1%. For example, a house for sale at $200,000 can increase in value by $14,000 because of solar metal roof installation. A home with installed solar panels attracts prospective buyers who do not have to worry about solar installation.

A reliable source for renewable energy: Besides reducing air pollution, you won’t have to depend on non-renewable energy when you go solar.

Energy independence: With solar panels installed in your home, you won’t have to rely on the traditional grid for electricity. You can be connected to the grid while depending on solar panels for backup.


Different Types Of Solar Mounts And Their Benefits

While you’ve purchased a solar panel, you need a solar mount to secure it in place. Let’s consider the various types of solar mounts.

Ground mount: This frame is used for mounting solar panels anywhere on your property. Ground mounting is cost-efficient and enables access to your panels for cleaning and maintenance. Are you considering ground mount solar installation for your home? Contact solar companies near you.

Solar shingles: Unlike others, solar shingles are built into the roofing system. They are easy to install, cost-efficient, and time-saving. Solar shingle roof installation requires no specialized training.

Roof mount: Roof mounts are common solar mounts popular among homeowners. They are inexpensive, space-efficient, and laid on existing roof structures. Furthermore, solar metal roof installation is easy, less laborious, and cost-efficient.

Pole mount: In this case, racks containing solar cells are mounted on a single pole. Like a roof mount, a pole mount takes up less space and is less stressful as you won’t have to go through the hassle of climbing the roof to install the solar mount.

Now, you know the benefits of residential solar panel installation and the various mounting systems. Are you considering installing solar panels in your home? Innovative Solar is a leading solar company specializing in solar metal roof installation, solar shingle roof installation, ground mounts solar installation, etc.