If you wish to know how to reduce energy costs today, then, the best option is to switch to solar energy. It is the best way to reduce energy costs. Solar panel installation through Innovative Solar Inc. offers little maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Solar panels are eco-friendly as they produce zero emissions. They also make no noise since they have no moving parts. Switching to solar energy will have you saving money and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

Innovative Solar, Inc. is the best solar company in Pasco County to trust with providing you with high-quality solar-powered products. We also offer our solar services in the Tampa Bay area and have solar installers in Hillsborough County as well. Visit us in Tampa to learn more about how to reduce energy costs today.


How does Solar Power Work

Solar panels are first installed in an open place or onto the rooftop of a building. The panels are arranged in a series and positioned in a direction that allows maximum exposure to sunlight.

The solar cells or photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy during daylight hours and convert it into a direct current (DC).  Since homes require alternating current (AC), the DC energy is converted to AC energy by an inverter.

The converted energy then runs through your building’s electric panel and is distributed through the wiring. There is no need to make any changes to your wiring as the system works exactly like that of your utility company.

A meter is used to monitor the amount of electricity flowing from the solar panel and the grid. It allows you to keep track of your solar panel’s performance as well.

Any surplus energy generated is stored in a battery system or is sent back to the grid allowing you to earn credit from your utility company. Innovative Solar, Inc. can help you leverage tax credits made available to homeowners who shift to solar energy. Contact us to learn more about how to save money with solar.


Innovative Solar, Inc.

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Apart from initial installation, we also offer services like solar panel removal and solar panel resetting.

Innovative Solar, Inc. is dedicated to teaching our customers how to reduce energy costs today and save money in the process.  Depending on your resources and preferences, there are a variety of options to help power your home reliably and efficiently.

Before installation, we always check your home’s size, the state of your roof, and your power usage in order to fully customize the solar equipment for your home.


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