With increasing electricity costs and the harmful environmental effects of traditional power sources, many people are going solar. The US solar market recorded the biggest hit in 2016 with increased electricity generation capacity. Despite this, many still have concerns about solar energy sources for their homes.


Five Easy Steps to Deciding if Solar is Right for You

We’ve compiled a solar checklist to determine if solar is a good option for you. You should give the following questions a thought.


What Is Your Roof’s Condition?

The direction, lifespan, and roof’s steepness are essential factors to consider in deciding if solar panels are right for you. Typically, these panels should be placed at 30 to 45 degrees, facing south or west. Furthermore, panels shouldn’t be concealed by chimneys or skylights as this can affect light absorption. Lastly, you need to factor in the size of the roof. Is your roof spacious for placing panels?


What’s The Weather Like?

Many presume you must reside in warm, sunny areas to utilize solar energy in powering your homes. This isn’t true, as solar panels are a good choice for those in cooler regions. For example, photovoltaic solar panels do well in cold temperatures. Whether you’re living in a sunny or cold area, you shouldn’t hesitate to adopt solar savings.


Have You Considered The Costs?

Solar panels do not only help you save costs in the long run; the renewable energy source lowers energy consumption costs. While panels are cost-efficient, you need to consider the up-front cost of installation and purchase. Fortunately, you can fund your power source through loans, solar leases, or PPAs.


What Are The Regulations In Your Locality?

Every city, County, and State has rules governing the installation of solar panels in residential properties. Find out about the requirements for solar panel installation in your area. On the flip side, you can hire the services of a solar energy company to help you obtain a permit and file the necessary paperwork.


Are You Eligible For Incentives?

Going solar is made much easier thanks to the incentives and rebates available to homeowners. The federal government offers a tax credit to residents who install solar systems. Meanwhile, some states offer tax breaks and rebates when you embrace solar savings. Ensure you maximize these opportunities to reduce the cost of using solar.


Is Solar Right For Me?

While solar power is now widely embraced by many, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good option. To make a better-informed decision, consider the benefits. At Innovative Solar Inc., we make the transition to solar systems a walk in the park. We strive to be the go-to experts in the solar industry. Our services encompass ground-mount solar installation, solar roof installation, etc. Contact us for a free solar evaluation and energy audit today!