Solar Attic Fans In Tampa

Ideally, solar power is associated with large panels installed on rooftops. However, there are other small counterparts known as attic fans. Solar energy powers solar attic fans in Tampa, providing carbon-free house ventilation.

The best part? They are easy to install and remove meaning solar companies in Tampa can take them from one attic to another. Their main function is to cool your attic during the summer and offer air circulation during winter. So, why should you install solar attic fans in Tampa? Here are the reasons:


Benefits of installing solar attic fans in Tampa

  • Improves comfort

The major benefit of using solar-powered attic fans is improving the comfort of your house. They remove the hot stuffy air in your house. If you install solar attic cooling in Tampa, it will lower the temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, the rest of the hot air also finds an escape route leaving your home cool and comfortable.

Besides, conventional electric fans can sometimes blow in pollen, dust, and harmful gases from the surrounding, further worsening the air quality of your house. This is not the case with solar fans, they let fresh and quality air blow in naturally.

  •  Protect the roof

Your attic suffers damage in summer and winter. During the summer months, the excess heat buildup causes damage to the asphalt shingles. This can lead to water leakage causing further house damage. During the winter months, moisture can condense in your attic leading to rust, mildew, and mold.

In fact, you might find some of the metallic objects rusting. One way to address this issue is to consult solar companies in Tampa for solar fan installation. The best part is it can address both issues. Cooling during the summer months prevents the buildup of heat. During winter, solar attic cooling in Tampa ensures proper air circulation preventing condensation.

  •  Quiet

Conventional attic fans can get noisy, especially during the night when everything else is quiet. This could be due to worn-out or old parts. Besides, being a mechanical device, there are many moving parts hence the humming noise. While there are remedies to reduce the noise, the problem gradually returns.

To mitigate this problem in its totality, you should consult solar companies in Tampa to install a solar attic fan. They are near-silent machines that won’t disrupt your sleep. Besides, most solar fans run during the day and partially at night.

  • Save you money

Well, solar attic cooling in Tampa saves you money in different ways. First, since solar attic fans protect your roof, you won’t spend much on roof maintenance. Second, you won’t incur obnoxious electricity bills which are synonymous with most conventional fans. Being a solar-powered fan, it uses natural energy from the sun, which you don’t pay for.

Furthermore, the state offers a tax credit for installing solar fans through solar companies in Tampa. You’ll also spend less on your HVAC system since the strain is reduced. So if you want to save on maintenance costs and electricity bills, consider buying a solar attic fan.

  • Sustainable

Since a solar-powered attic fan uses renewable energy, it facilitates sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint. This is through the reduction in energy consumption of your HVAC system.