Solar battery in Tampa Florida

Solar energy has come a long way.  Years back, your solar system had to be connected to the main grid so you’d tap on it should your system not produce ample energy. Fast forward to today, and you can buy a solar battery in Tampa Florida, allowing you to store power for months. Here’s everything you need to know about solar battery installation in Tampa.


What is it?

As the name suggests, it is storing solar power in a battery. Electrochemical batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are mainly used to store solar power in residential areas. While lithium batteries are the favorite for most homeowners and commercial buildings, technology is on the verge of offering you more effective solar power storage in Tampa.


How do solar batteries work?

Ideally, the sun charges the solar batteries and through a chemical reaction, they can store the energy. During the night or when the solar panel is not working, your house system draws power from them, reversing the initial process.


Benefits of solar battery installation in Tampa

  • Be self-sufficient

Normally, solar companies in Tampa will install panels on your home and then connect them to the main grid. In case your panels fail or there’s insufficient energy from your solar system, your home will draw power from the main grid. And as you’d expect, you’ll have to pay for the units used.

And if your solar system produces excess energy, you can sell it to the grid. With batteries, you get to save the excess energy, which you can use when the system is not producing ample energy. Besides, you can buy as many batteries as you want, saving energy worth months.

  • Reduced downtime

Let’s face it, if the grid in your area is unstable, you can miss out on opportunities, deadlines, and more. This can hurt your business or career if it is solely reliant on electricity. With solar power storage in Tampa, you can always power up vital electric items such as a PC and continue with your daily routine.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

As the world embraces reliance on renewable energy, using solar batteries is a sure way to champion sustainability. Solar batteries use power from the sun, which is a source of green energy. In essence, you are saving Mother Nature when you decide to settle for solar battery installation in Tampa. Besides, a solar-powered home uses less energy hence emitting fewer greenhouse gasses.

  •  Reduced electric bills

Again, solar battery installation in Tampa will enable you to spend less on electric bills. This in turn allows you to use this money on other essential needs.

  • Longevity

Well, solar batteries have a long lifespan, which can last for up to 15 years. This means, regardless of the charge/discharge cycles, it will have served you enough before reaching its minimum capacity. These batteries also don’t require frequent maintenance. In fact, you might go for years without checking on them and they still serve you well.

  • Smart technology

New technology in solar power storage in Tampa is allowing homeowners to connect their batteries to the cloud. As such, they can learn your energy consumption behavior and weather patterns, saving energy and releasing it when needed.

As you’d expect, homeowners can also control them remotely by giving commands. You can also get a summary of your energy consumption, enabling you to make better and sustainable decisions.