Does your home get almost unbearably hot in the summer? Solar fans are a good way of cooling your home down without consuming much energy.

Besides cooling down your home, solar attic fans also help maintain your roof by reducing condensation and mold growth in your roof.

While there are many options for attic fans, including whirlybirds and powered vents, solar fans can be an option too. Here is everything you need to know about solar attic fans:


How Do Solar Attic Fans Work?

Attic fans come in many forms, but their goal is to ensure an exchange of air between the interior of your home and the exterior. While other fans use electricity, such as powered vents, solar fans are powered by sunlight.

Solar attic fans help maintain a healthy temperature in the home as they start extracting hot air when the temperatures are quite high or get above-average temperatures. This air circulation helps prevent any moisture from accumulating in the attic or roof, hence reducing dampness.

Many fans are designed for air exchange in the home to help maintain good temperatures, but the solar fans are different in that they do not need wind to work like the whirlybird, nor do they need electricity like other powered fans.

The solar roof vents have photovoltaic panels which help power the fan motors. Once the motors are turned, the fan can remove or fan out the hot air in the attic and generally the home, and the intake vents help bring in the cold fresh outside air.

All this at no bill!


Pros Of Solar Fans

Here are some of the reasons why using solar attic fans is excellent for you:


Great Temperatures With No Electricity Bills!

Solar roof vents solely rely on sunlight for energy to cool down or warm your home, depending on the weather. Therefore, you do not have to pay high electricity bills for your heating and cooling systems.

With access to the sun, you can forget about electricity bills because you will have a cool home in the hot weather and a warm house in the cold weather thanks to the sunlight.


Conserves The Environment

Using solar energy for your roof vents helps conserve the environment by using natural energy. You get to enjoy the benefits of a solar exhaust fan in your home while still being part of the bigger picture globally; going green with solar energy.


Tax Incentives

Need tax relief? Go solar with your roof vents! Once you install a solar exhaust fan, the government provides incentives in deductibles from your tax for being a part of a much-needed initiative.

The costs you incur when installing your solar fans can be deducted from your taxes. Hence you end up paying a significantly low tax, whether you paid in cash or through a loan.


Higher Selling Price For Your Home

Solar roof vents are a huge upgrade to your home. They add value to your home, and the next owners will enjoy this value. Homes with solar-powered roof vents cost significantly more than those without.

If you plan on selling your home, installing solar fans will serve you and still help you fetch a decent amount of money when you resell your home.


Cons Of Solar Fans

Like any other system, solar fans are not without their setbacks:


High Installation Costs

While solar energy has proven to be one of the most reliable energy sources in our homes, the initial costs are quite high.

These high costs come from hiring professional solar vent installers from trusted solar attic fan companies in Fl since you need a trained person to install your solar fans.

The other costs are the solar fans themselves. They cost quite a lot to purchase, and you may require almost 4 for a big home.

The solar roof vents work on low energy output; thus, they are not as intense in the air exchange process as other fans. Therefore, you may need more than just one solar exhaust fan for adequate ventilation, with bigger homes requiring up to four solar fans.

However, since they will save you a significant amount of money in electricity bills and tax deductibles, the high installation costs are covered over time.


Overreliance On The Sun

Since solar fans use photovoltaic panels to convert the sun’s light into usable energy, the lack of the sun’s rays and light might mean less energy. While it will be effective on sunny days in the summer to cool down your house, it might not be the same during winters.

Without sunlight, it will charge but at a slower rate, making it hard for the solar fan motors to move efficiently as they should.


Do You Need Solar Fans In Florida?

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