Solar ground mount vs. roof mount racking, which is the best?

Both ground mount and roof mount solar panels have their own pros and cons. Roof mounts are less expensive and take up unused space on your roof. Ground mounts are easier to install and maintain and offer greater control over orientation.

We at Innovative Solar, Inc. have solar installers in West Central Florida capable of installing both the roof and ground mount panels. We install ground mount panels on free pieces of land with unobstructed sunlight to replicate the conditions of roof panels.

We are also the best west central Florida solar energy company offering roof mount solar installation services.  Before making any installations, we examine the state of your roof, your home’s power consumption, and your home size. This is to ensure we fully customize our system to your house’s needs and state.

This article will delve deeper into our opinion on ground and roof mount panels:


Ground Mount Panels

A ground mount is a free-standing solar panel system secured at ground level using rigid metal frames. They are easy to align to the direction of most sunlight allowing you to ensure maximum absorption of light.

A ground mount system, from a solar company in West Central Florida, makes it easy to add more solar panels, assuming there is more space to spare. This will allow you to meet any increase in your previous power consumption with minimum fuss.

Ground panels are also highly accessible making them easy to install, clean, maintain and repair. They also eliminate the risk of injury associated with roof panels.

Ground mounts are more complicated and expensive to install. The installation process is more labor intensive and the setup has more parts than a roof panel system.

The permitting process is also lengthier and more expensive. Some people may not find ground mount panels as aesthetically pleasing as roof mount panels.


Roof Mount Panels

These are the type of panels affixed to brackets on your roof. Roof mount panels utilize unused space and are typically less expensive to install. This is because they require fewer materials, are less expensive to permit, and do not require much labor.

They are however hard to access, especially if roofs are steep or slippery. Roof panels increase the risk of injury from a fall when trying to clean or repair the panels. The holes on your roof from the brackets can also cause water damage.


Innovative Solar, Inc.

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