The cost of living and sustainable living has made many consumers switch to renewable energy for heating water. As a result, the water heater has become an integral part of the home. Typically, it’s one of the essentials to consider when moving into a new home. However, you might have difficulty making the right choice with many water heater options on the market. Are you looking for a solar company in West Central Florida? Innovative Solar Inc. is your best fit.

Here’s an article about solar hot water heaters vs. gas water heaters. If you’re torn between choices, this will help you make informed decisions.


Solar Hot Water Heater

As the name implies, solar heating systems utilize solar energy to heat water. These heating systems are best suited for areas with all-year warm climates. The different types of solar hot water heaters use heat collecting panels, evacuated tube collectors, or heat pumps to transmit heat energy. Are you looking for solar installers in West Central Florida? We’re the best around.

Advantages of the solar hot water system

  • It’s cost-efficient, reducing bills on gas and electricity.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • The solar hot water system is easy to install and maintain.

Disadvantages of the solar hot water system

  • Seasonal changes affect efficiency.
  •  The upfront installation cost is quite high.
  • The tank capacity influences the amount of hot water obtained.

Gas Hot Water System

A gas hot water system makes a good choice for homes with existing gas lines. Here, the heating system uses combustion to heat water. Gas water heating systems are available in 2 different types: hot water cylinders and gas continuous heating.

Advantages of gas hot water heater

  •  It’s also a cost-efficient heating system.
  • Continuous supply of hot water.
  • Effective in cold weather.

Disadvantages of gas hot water heater

  •  Power cuts and blackouts may affect its efficiency.
  •  Mold contamination can occur.
  •  Require regular checks and maintenance.
  •  It has a shorter lifespan compared to the solar heating system.
  •  Need adequate space for installation.
  • Supports carbon emissions.


Solar Heating System or Gas Water Heater

If you support green energy, you might want to go solar. But, this has its downside, as solar efficiency depends on the weather, sun output, and day. On the other hand, using a gas water heater, you have access to hot water anytime, irrespective of season or weather conditions. Though power cuts may be a drawback, a gas burner is a good alternative.


Let’s Help Install Your Heating System

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