Going solar is choosing convenience and an affordable lifestyle. Solar panels are getting popular by the day and for good reasons. Energy independence and a reduced energy bill are some of the advantages. While solar panels may come with a 15 to 25-year warranty, should you let them be? Or should homeowners pay attention to solar panel maintenance in Florida? Find out what the solar pros have to say in this post.


Is Solar Panel Maintenance In Florida Essential?

Yes! Panels stay outdoors to make use of the sun’s energy. Unfortunately, the sun is not the only thing that gets to them. There are all kinds of debris, from leaves, bird droppings, dust, etc. To boost your system’s lifespan, you may take some measures. Solar panel efficiency degrades at 0.5% per year. Contributing to this is obstructions from the sun’s rays like dirt.


Tips Of Maintaining Your Solar Panel

The good news is solar systems require very little maintenance, and you could consider the services of a solar company for the best results. Periodic light cleaning is all you need, like two to four times annually. It also includes ensuring your safety and using the right cleaning agents. You should not scratch or damage the surface in any way. With a light scratch, you can cause harm to your panel. Be sure to rub gently with mild soap and warm water. Then utilize a soft sponge to wipe the surface. Rough materials shouldn’t even be an option as you will be doing more harm than good. For dust, a hose can do all the work for you.

Oily stains will require isopropyl alcohol and a small rag, although this is rare. Still, expert cleaning is always a better choice for assurance since solar panels are a great investment. Clean panels contribute to optimum insolation.


Do You Need Solar Panel Repair In Tampa Florida?

If your system’s efficiency is starting to hit below 80%, it is probably time to have some repairs. So, what are the signs that you should consider a repair or solar panel replacement in Florida?

  • Cracks on your panels

It is caused by poor installation, extreme weather conditions, and improper handling during cleaning. That may cost you up to a 2.5% decrease in output. Take note of any physical degradation.

  • Lower power output

The weather influences the amount of energy that reaches your panels. Still, there is an average output power set by your solar company. If your panel often falls below the specified output, it may be time to opt for repairs.

  • Issues with the solar inverter

When the sun’s rays hit the panels, it produces direct current. The solar inverter then converts DC to alternating current for usable electricity. That means a malfunctioning inverter affects your power output. Notice any red, green lights, or error messages? Call your solar company for repairs!

  • Wiring issues

Poor installation may result in wiring issues like oxidation or corrosion. If tapping the panel turns the cell power on and off, the wiring system could be the problem.

Solar panels are your ticket to energy independence and a greener environment. It’s also a cost-effective solution to your electric needs. Still, solar panel maintenance in Florida is important for efficiency and a longer lifespan. Always choose a credible solar company with high-quality installation and sturdy materials for the best outcome.