Spring precedes summer: a season of the year after winter. It is regarded as the best time to install solar panels in Florida. That does not mean you cannot install solar panels at any time of the year, just that you may get the best of your solar panel if you install it in April – the springtime. Learning about the best time of the year to install a solar panel is necessary if you are considering solar installation services in Pasco County, Florida. This article will teach you the best time to install a solar panel and why. Happy reading!


Do I have to wait until Spring?

Spring is unarguably the best time to install solar panels in Florida. Still, you do not have to wait until it is Spring before you call a reliable solar company in Pinellas Country and get your solar installed. Spring months are March, April, and May, but solar panels work throughout the year. The amount of sunlight absorption varies per season. It is obvious that sunlight exposure increases in springtime compared to other seasons; notwithstanding, trusted solar companies in Hernando County can give you the best solar service any time of the year.


Summer is not the best time to install a solar panel.

The weather stays slightly hot during summer even after the sun goes down. However, the warm temperature does not determine solar efficiency but the amount of energy absorbed by the PV cells in the solar panels. Sunlight exposure is important: ensure you expose your solar panel to as much sunlight as possible because it works optimally when it receives the right amount of sunlight, which is not based on a season. Any reliable solar company in Polk County will install your solar panel in a position where it can receive the right amount of sunlight.


How do the west-facing system and the east-facing system affect solar panel performances?

The east-facing system outweighs the west-facing system in terms of energy abortion and general solar performance. “Afternoon rain showers” affect the west-facing system, reducing solar panel performance efficiency. On the other hand, the east-facing system accumulates more energy during the “clear morning hours.” The “solar panel orientation” states a general rule: “south is the best location for solar installation because the solar panel receives direct sunlight all time.” The “solar panel orientation” and energy efficiency are reasons you should consider solar energy as a Hillsborough County resident because a solar installer can manipulate the installation process and give you the best performance any time of the year.


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