If you had not considered using solar energy before, now is the perfect time to do so. At Innovative Solar, Inc. we provide the best solar panels in Hillsborough County, Florida.

There are many solar power options for Hillsborough County residents, which were once too expensive for them. But now, with the new Hillsborough County solar program, you can afford to install solar panels in your home.


What Exactly Is The Hillsborough County Solar Program?

The Hillsborough County Solar program is a government initiative that’s designed to provide solar energy to Hillsborough County residents.

Through the help of a non-profit group, Solar United Neighbors (SUN), there are various solar power options for Hillsborough County residents, and all you have to do is collectively select one contractor for all installations.

This means you shall qualify for discounts on installation costs since you get the services as a group.

Additionally, the program also helps residents complete the payments through installments, lessening the financial burden and making it easier to have solar installations in Hillsborough County.


Why You Should Go Solar

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from solar energy as a Hillsborough County resident. Home solar panels are a worthwhile investment and they help in the following ways:


Reduced Electricity Cost

Solar installation in Hillsborough guarantees less or non-existent electricity bills. By going solar you are able to cut back on your electric cost because you get to produce your own source of power using the sun. This is the greatest incentive for using solar power there is.


It Requires Little to No Maintenance 

Hillsborough County installs roof solar panels because they are easy to maintain! Once installed, they last a long time, without regular maintenance. Other than the initial cost of installation, you will not need to spend on maintenance or additional repair work.

For your solar installation in Hillsborough, we offer you our ground-mounted solar panels, which help you avoid roof repairs and replacement. A solar panel typically has a 25–35-year lifespan, so you are pretty set for life.


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