More than 15% of the total homes in Florida have an in-ground pool; however, all of them do not have a solar pool heating system. Excess energy consumption is among the utility bills leading to unnecessary expenses if not adequately taken care of. Everything installed in your home is in your care, like the pool. Installing a solar pool heater is not bad if you want to control energy, at least to minimize extra costs. Here are 5 easy ways to make your pool energy efficient. Keep reading!

1. Install a solar pool heater

A solar pool heater promotes excellent pool performance and reduces energy consumption. The solar heater absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to heat energy which circulates throughout the pool. It is easy to install even if you have never used any solar services in Tampa. You can always find affordable solar companies in the Tampa Bay area.

2. Install a solar pool pump

A solar pool pump is synonymous with a solar pool heater because it reduces electricity utility bills by absorbing energy from the sun—however, the trapped energy powers the solar pump system, which pumps water. For the installation process,  you can hire the services of Innovative Solar Inc., the best solar pool pump company in Pasco County, to assist you.

3. Control the way you use the pool pump

You should not use the pool pump every time; also, there are various pool pump panels you may consider. For example, a solar pool panel in Tampa Bay is a better choice than an electrical power pool panel. Notwithstanding, remember to minimize how you use your pool pump system whether you have an electric or solar panel installed.

4. Get pool cleaners and vacuums

Automatic pool cleaners and vacuums pre-filter the water and help save energy. Pre-filtering water is a natural method for saving energy; this is why automatic pool cleaners and vacuums are the best choices for the West Central Florida solar pump system. You should not depend totally on automatic vacuums and cleaners; thus, manually skimming the pool increases the automatic vacuums and cleaners’ lifespan.

5. Endeavor to cover the pool

Pool covers are compatible with solar pool, gas pump-style, and heat pump-style pool heaters. You can minimize energy costs by covering your pool: this is about 50 – 70% efficient for these pool heaters. Therefore, it would be best never to overlook the importance of covering your pool, especially when you are away. You can always choose from various pool cover styles and methods.


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Pool maintenance is not completed without a proper energy-efficient measure. You have learned the appropriate way to reduce energy consumption in the section above. Now, you should take the necessary step! Remember, we are always here for you. With just a click, you can get automatic vacuums and cleaners, solar pumps, and heaters from Innovative Solar Inc., the best solar company in Hillsborough County. Contact us to request a free audit, and we will help you reduce electricity costs and make your home fun-filled.