Swimming pools don’t have to be synonymous with summer alone! Get your pool fun going even in the coldest of nights with a solar pool heater in Tampa. A backyard pool is not a small investment, and ensuring you can use it to the max may take a few measures. And one is heating your pool at your convenience. So, what are the pros of these additions?


Should You Consider A Solar Pool Heater In Tampa?

Yes! Below are its advantages:

  • The sun’s energy is free!

Besides the upfront costs of purchasing and installing a solar heater, you can enjoy a heated pool at no cost throughout the year. Spend on a reduced energy bill by minimizing your heating costs. Pool heaters feature minimum operating costs and save energy. In comparison, traditional pool heaters are very costly. Research has shown that natural gas heaters cost $1400 to $4800 annually, while solar heaters require as little as nothing to heat your pool and as much as $120 per year.

  • Effortless Maintenance

Solar heaters generally have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Your maintenance is limited to checking out your filter cartridge monthly and replacing your filter on a bi-annual or annual basis. This is with a top-up of a yearly professional inspection. Your filter replacement will depend on how often you use it, if it has a cover, and if it harbors a lot of debris from trees.

  • A reliable source of energy

You can rely on a solar pool heater to cater to your heating needs year in and out. Whether it’s a cool night or the cold season, it doesn’t have to come between your dips. All you need to do is switch to your preferred temperature and enjoy the pool. Guarantee your family unlimited fun at the pool with polar solar panels in Tampa!

  • Choosing a solar pool heater is choosing a clean environment

Contributing to a better environment is becoming a thing in many homeowners’ minds. Burning fossil fuels result in dangerous emissions. A solar heater contributes to a healthier planet and does a greater good to humankind and its future. These heaters have zero impact on the environment once installed. Solar panels produce clean energy to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Quiet heaters for quality moments at the pool

Traditional pool heaters had their moment of fame while they lasted. But sincerely, they were a little too noisy for a relaxed moment in your pool. Solar heaters foster quiet technology that can help you clear the steam after long days at work. The only hum you can listen to is your own!

  • Solar pool heaters are good to go for any pool

Looking for solar panels for inground pools? Everyone walks away with a solar pool heater regardless of their pool’s size or shape. These additions are versatile to fit any pool and can be installed in all environments. The heater is placed on your roof system, flat or tile roof, and even on the ground.

A solar pool heater in Tampa gives you the convenience of a heated pool while saving you huge bills in the swimming season. Your all-year swimming pool fun is a pool heater away. It is also perfect for any pool and effortless to maintain with little operating costs. Still, always take the time to choose a solar company that will provide long-lasting heaters, reliable warranties, and high-quality installation.