Having a pool in the backyard of your home is ideal for the relief of summer heat while bonding with family and friends without having to take a long trip to the beach, especially in a place like Florida.

However, it takes a lot of money to run and own a pool, and also the installation cost is high, and so is the annual cost to run the pool pump filtration. Running a solar pool pump is one of the cheapest ways to save costs and relieve summer costs with friends and family just in the backyard of your home.

A solar-powered pool pump is a solar pool pump with an electric motor that disperses water in your pool utilizing a direct current (DC) power component. A solar pool pump is an excellent approach to saving money and the second-largest energy hog in a typical Florida house with a pool.

A solar-powered pool pump is accessible to you for free, and you will be able to circulate water in your pool using the energy directly from the sun. If you wonder how much solar you need to run your pool, this article is for you. 


How Much Solar Energy Is Required To Run My Solar Pool Pump?

To know the amount of solar energy required to run your solar-powered pool pump, you will need first to consider the size of your pool in square feet, then the roof you plan on installing your solar panel on, and also the solar panel you plan on using for your solar pool pump.

Other factors to consider are your location, the orientation of the panels,  the shading impact, and your desired performance from your pool. It is important to note that no factor is more important than the others.

However, you will also need to consult the best solar company in Florida familiar with installing a solar panel for a solar pool pump. We at Innovative solar Florida are here to cater to all our client’s solar needs.


Benefits Of Installing A Solar Pool Pump

Here are some benefits that comers with installing a solar-powered pool pump in your Florida home:

  •     Reduction in utility electricity usage
  •     Save money on the electric energy bill
  •     Access to 30% of federal tax credit
  •     Solar energy equipment in Florida is exempted from sales tax
  •     Property tax assessment does not affect solar panel
  •     Avoid potential utility raises
  •     You can run your pool during a power outage

Begin Your Solar Powered Pool Pump With Innovative Solar, Florida

At Innovative solar, we offer our clients a variety of products to assist with energy costs. Allow us to help you leverage the tax credit that benefits homeowners who wish to switch to solar electricity.

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