Reset & Remove Solar Panels

Solar Roof Installation: How To Do A Roof Reset With Solar Panels?

Are you worried about a solar roof installation after a storm or hurricane? We can handle it! Hurricanes are known to destroy roofs and whatever is on them, and while this may be scary, there is a way to fix it!

Solar roof installation is a major investment, and when you need to make changes on your roof, you want someone that considers your investments and removes and reinstalls them with caution. That’s us! We handle your solar panels with care as we detach and reset them.

Detaching And Resetting Solar Panels: How We Do It!

The solar roof installation process involves many steps and people to ensure that we do it right:

Assessing And Approval By An Insurance Adjuster

At Innovative Solar, we work with roofing companies and your insurance company to help you get the best solar roof installation. This ensures that you are compensated for your roofing and the reinstallation process.

We assess the damage and the amount of work it will take to detach and reset the solar panels. We come up with an estimate to issue to your insurance adjuster, who then approves the amount, ensuring that the insurance company covers it.

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The Roof Removal

Once the cost is approved, you can call your roofing contractor, who we will work with, to ensure the safe handling of your solar panels. We work together to detach and reset solar panels before and after replacing the roof.

We detach the solar panels before roof contractors replace the roof, and then we come back and reset the solar panels, and you can enjoy a new roof powered by solar panels.

No roofing contractor? Do not worry! We know many reputable roofing contractors that work well with us, handling your solar panels with great care.

Why Choose Us

Quick Services

We are a phone call away, waiting to detach and reset your solar panels whenever you need them! We work as a team of experts who will detach and reset your solar panels fast and carefully.


We have been in business since 1993, and we have the necessary solar roof installation expertise to give you the best experience. We know how to do our job, and we do it flawlessly.

Stress-Free Services

We deal with your stress for you. The hassle of calling the insurance company and getting a trustworthy roofing company can be exhausting, but we do it all for you! The solar roof installation doesn’t have to be stressful; we can help you!


We liaise with your insurance company to ensure that the solar roof installation costs are covered, which may end up costing you nothing.

Looking For Solar Panel Removal And Reinstall Nearby?

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When To Call Us

Anytime you need to change your roof, call us, and let us detach and reset your solar panels without any damage and mishandling. Here is when you can call us:

  • After a storm or hurricane that calls for roof repair or replacement.
  • When you are making major changes involving your roof, such as attic repairs or changing the HVAC system.
  • When replacing an old roof with a new one.